February 2019

How RPA Is Changing The Business Landscape

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is bringing about irrevocable changes to the way we work. One day, RPA will be as ubiquitous in the working environment as an internet connection; and we’ll wonder how we ever lived without it. Whilst there is still some way to go before RPA becomes fully integrated into everyday processes, significant […]

RPA Predictions For The Rest Of 2019

2019 signals a massive turning point for RPA. For years, this technology was regarded with caution, uncertainty and even suspicion. Many didn’t understand it. Some boldly declared it would be little more than a fleeting failure. But things are different now. For proof, just take one glance at the changing face of the modern workforce. […]

Win Tickets To Blue Prism World London With Robiquity

Blue Prism World is the automation industry’s event of the year – offering two unforgettable days of immersive learning and collaboration. Some of technology’s most influential personalities will be in attendance at the London weekend on 3rd and 4thApril.…and you can be right there alongside them thanks to Robiquity… To celebrate our partnership with Blue Prism, […]

Three Big RPA Implementation Challenges Your Organisation Must Overcome

An increasing number of businesses all over the world are trying to implement RPA. Most of them face issues almost immediately. What’s interesting is that, more often than not, the obstacles are the same for everyone. In my previous role as Blue Prism Developer at O2, the three giant hurdles we faced were: demonstrating the […]