August 2019

The Biggest Blunder In RPA Right Now? Bad Process Design

In my role as Chief Technology Officer, one of my duties is to lead RPA health checks. These audits get to the bottom of why an RPA project might have stalled – identifying the issue and offering a solution [...]

Automating Money: RPA In Finance

In finance, each decimal point makes a difference. Accuracy is everything. That’s why the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is increasing rapidly across the financial sector. Banks, insurance companies and loan providers are all taking advantage of automation technology [...]

Is There A Place For People In RPA?

The biggest fear among workers today? Being replaced by robots. As technology tightens its grip on every industry, there’s a growing concern that machines are taking precedence over human beings. Panic has risen among the masses, with increasing evidence suggesting that robots are in [...]

The Future Of RPA: Combined Thinking

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – we all know it’s here. We all know what it can do. We all know it’s important. But the way we’re using it is about to change forever. The future of RPA isn’t about automating absolutely everything. Rather, it’s about identifying premium automation opportunities [...]

How RPA Is Changing The Energy Industry

Automation is creeping into almost every industry. But the energy sector, in particular, is witnessing exciting results. The energy industry has historically required huge teams of people to perform time-consuming, mundane work to micromanage and cross-check data. But now, we’re beginning to see the emergence of automated solutions in such processes [...]