5 Signs You Should Switch RPA Solution

With more businesses expressing interest in robotic process automation, the total number of RPA providers is multiplying.
Currently, a common RPA delivery approach is tacking automation on to services as part of a wider package, luring the MDs who want to take advantage of RPA benefits. In these instances, automation is just one arm of a more multifaceted solution.
It sounds ambitious, but it lacks focus – and the customer rarely gets what they really wanted. RPA technology is still fresh and requires familiarisation, so the aspect of RPA delivery itself demands complete attention. To yield success from RPA, you need a committed, supportive and flexible provider.
In this guide, we pinpoint the tell-tale signs that suggest it might be time to switch your RPA partner…

1. You’ve experiencing financial strain

If your business isn’t performing as you’d hoped and the figures aren’t half as high as you expected at this stage in your RPA journey, there’s a good chance that the solution you’ve bought isn’t right for you.
True, it canfeel uncomfortable attempting to engineer an exit strategy (especially when you’ve splashed out big cash on a RPA solution). Whilst backing out will feel like a financial hardship now, it’ll prove itself to be a huge money-saver later down the line.
Unsuitable RPA strategies cause major financial problems due to constant delays, repetitive issues, and unnecessary repairs. If you’re finding it’s always one step forward, two steps back, then it’s time to move on. RPA solutions should be permanently progressive.

2. You have a lack of control and visibility

Are you unsure of what your RPA solution is actually achieving? Are you uncertain how to change things yourself? In either instance, you need to call it a day.
With RPA, there can be no uncertainty. This is a big investment that ought to be playing a pivotal role in taking your business forwards. You need to have full visibility over developments, and the ability to alter methods if they aren’t working.
The only thing worse than a slow-burning RPA delivery system is a rigid one. This is advanced technology we’re talking about, and it ought to be producing noticeable improvements from the very start. You can’t afford to “put up with” a system that obscures data or can’t scale alongside you. You need the best.
If you don’t have full control and complete oversight, start looking for a new RPA delivery partner right away. You’re burning through money and the change can’t come soon enough.

3. You’re not seeing the results you hoped for

This should be an obvious sign, but you’d be surprised how many business owners choose to persevere with the same RPA solution even when results are poor.
The truth is, implementing RPA can prove to be such a long, effortful task that it may feel like you’ve come too far to cancel an existing agreement. What’s more, many MDs are also constantly reassured by their provider to remain patient because getting results with RPA “takes time”.
What you may not know is that, in reality, RPA should be easy and effortless to deliver – with clear value demonstrated almost immediately.
Just because this tech is still relatively new, it doesn’t mean you should deal with big issues and wait a long time for a great ROI. It’s all about choosing a provider that’s right for you.
Take a step back from your current solution and examine whether you’re truly happy with what you see. If you’re not, start looking elsewhere.

4. You’ve seen very little growth

RPA ought to be one of the biggest drivers of growth in a business. Many companies will embrace this tech as a means to fuel expansion and push forward in a new direction at a rapid pace.
At the end of the day, it’s all about efficiency and quality. If growth just isn’t happening, it could be indicative of an unbefitting RPA partner.
Growing successfully requires having the most advanced tools in place. RPA can facilitate faster development by reducing the time spent on ordinarily painstaking activities, but it needs to be implemented in the right way by the right company.
If you aren’t experiencing the kind of growth you anticipated before purchasing your RPA solution, then start shopping for a new one – ideally tailored to your company.

5. It’s an uphill struggle

Tired of hearing about RPA problems? Does every process take an age? Are staff regularly complaining about complications?
That’s not what an RPA solution should look like. It should be the opposite, in fact.
RPA is designed to simplify and accelerate work processes so that the business can realign focus on other pressing matters; with robots taking care of the tedious stuff. If your RPA solution is forcing you to confront issues repeatedly…then it’s defeating the purpose.
If your patience with RPA is wearing thin, back out ASAP. It’s time to select an alternative partner.

Choose pure RPA services. Choose Robiquity.

Given the intricacies and innovations involved in RPA, it goes without saying that you need a provider who knows their field. Navigating the obstacles of RPA implementation is near-impossible without a knowledgeable guide by your side – and delivery is only the start.
Getting the best results requires a tailored approach that works for your business and meets your specific needs. A pure RPA provider like Robiquity is the answer. We make RPA our only focus and ensure you receive the solution you need to add value and experience results quickly.
We specialise in simplifying RPA delivery and working with you to make the kinds of improvements that your last system couldn’t achieve. Together, we’ll identify the shortcomings, put forward the solutions, and guarantee a positive outcome for your company.
Get in touch with our helpful team today to find out more.