What Are The Ethical Considerations Of RPA?

We’ve reached a point where customers are increasingly invested in where their products come from.
After all, people will simply go elsewhere if they believe a company is not performing ethically – and now questions are being asked about the moral implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Given how automation is changing the working world, people are paying closer attention to the consequences of RPA processes on both staff and the wider public.
In this blog, we look at some of the concerns of RPA and how these can be resolved.

Should we fear robot replacements?

Staff have a right to feel concerned when a company introduces technology to essentially replace them. Automating roles might be more efficient and effective for businesses, but if it’s going to kick a member staff out of a job, it’s not right.
That’s why businesses have a duty to provide support for any employees whom RPA effects. There needs to be a cultural atmosphere introduced whereby staff welcome automation rather than reject it. This can be achieved by showing teams the benefits of RPA and how it will actually create new, better roles for them.
In any instance, businesses have a responsibility to make employees aware of incoming changes and ensure they are satisfied with any changes in a role. To ensure good results, it’s important to extract what humans can do, and what robots can’t, before automating across the board.

Staying true to your brand personality  

Chatbots and other forms of artificial intelligence are being introduced to cut costs in certain areas such as customer-facing roles. However, if you are a personal brand that takes pride on interacting with customers, this may not necessarily be the best thing to automate.
It’s very easy to grow frustrated during an interaction with an under-developed chatbot, for example.
If you don’t want your customers to turn away, you need to focus on putting people in relationship-building roles while robots do the menial tasks on autopilot.
Picking and choosing the right processes to automate is imperative to keeping your personal brand image alive and ensuring success overall.

Start small…think big …scale responsibly

It’s easy to get overexcited at the prospect of automation, but in order to maintain the wellbeing of your business, you need to start small and scale appropriately with experts by your side.
Poaching remains a big problem in RPA right now. If you spend months investing in an expert, there’s a good chance they’ll be snatched from your workforce before they can take your business to the next level.
That’s why you need a solution like ScaleSafe: an RPA scaling support system that lets you expand in an ethical way whilst keeping your best staff protected.

Looking to learn more about integrating an RPA solution?

We understand that RPA can leave you with more questions than answers.
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