The Poaching Culture: What Can You Do To Keep Talented Developers?

By Robiquity

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market is competitive.

Attracting excellent employees with the skills and know-how to successfully integrate and scale RPA isn’t an easy task.  So, when you do manage to recruit team members with genuine passion for automation and an ability to match, it can be deflating to see them plucked away from you by a bigger firm.

Historically, poaching has been common in the RPA world. But, thanks to Robiquity’s innovative ScaleSafe solution, things are changing.

In this guide, we offer some insight as to how we support businesses who are worried about losing their leading RPA developers.

The problem with poaching 

Implementing RPA can be a real test. However, scaling is where most companies typically run into major difficulties.

Before ScaleSafe, acquiring enough RPA developers with the knowledge required to take RPA to the next level was practically impossible.

Businesses had to attempt to keep their employees off the radar in order to protect their top developers from being poached. This is one reason that makes scaling a big risk. Those who did manage to expand their RPA solution saw key staff disappear quickly – forcing them to dial back almost immediately.

Typically, six months of RPA scaling has been the limit for most. This is realistically as far as firms can go without top talent in-house. Many companies simply don’t have the capital to attract the experts – and those who train their own staff see them poached.

The bright, shiny lights of consultancy work are simply too attractive for RPA developers. If they’re given the opportunity of a new role with more responsibility, there’s a high chance they’re going to take it.

It’s a tricky situation – but that’s where ScaleSafe comes in…

Retaining top talent with ScaleSafe

At Robiquity, we were reluctant to accept the fact that smaller companies would inevitably lose their key staff within months. This is why we came up with the ScaleSafe solution.

With our support, businesses don’t have to worry about losing their best developers to competitors. Nor do they need to bring in expensive consultants.

Our ScaleSafe model offers you everything you need to set up your very own organic RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) with a view to long-term success.

You’ll receive a fully-trained, fully-accredited team at your site in less than six weeks. During this time, Robiquity experts will deliver the highest possible level of mentoring and support. But perhaps best of all, team members have to commit to your company for up to two years.

This reassuring anti-poaching measure gives you the time you need to scale your RPA solution successfully. What’s more, we’ll also help you build your very own CoE so you can continue to produce RPA experts of your own.

As the integration of RPA becomes more popular and demand increases for highly-skilled staff, ScaleSafe is the solution businesses need.

Contact Robiquity today and start building a sustainable RPA solution now

 Thanks to Robiquity, staff poaching doesn’t have to be an obstacle that prevents RPA scaling from going ahead.

With ScaleSafe in place, your highly-skilled developers are committed to your organisation long enough for you to assemble a high-quality RPA solution. All you need to do is get in touch with our helpful team.

Our bonded contracts make it easier for firms to scale up. This innovative model allows you to effectively develop your system and achieve great results in the long-term (as well as the immediate future).

Contact Robiquity today on 0161 974 3244 or We will assist you with any problems or concerns you might have. With years of combined experience, we’ve seen all the common problems companies can face when it comes to scaling. And, most importantly of all, we know how to fix them.

Preventing poaching is important to us – and we pride ourselves on delivering great RPA solutions. Get in touch today to start creating an RPA solution that stands the test of time.