Robiquity working with Telcom giant to boost customer experience with Intelligent Automation

Robiquity have formed an exciting partnership with the newly merged Virgin Media O2 to bring Intelligent Automation to contact centre operations. Together with the global leader in RPA software, UiPath, Robiquity will build and support a new team of ‘digital workers’ to support Virgin Media O2 employees and their customers.

Intelligent Automation addresses the problem faced by many businesses as they attempt to maintain customer service standards while dealing with an increasingly complex range of supporting systems and information. Every time a contact centre agent has to log into another system to find information on a customer’s details, account status or engineer slot, the call handling time gets longer and the customer experience gets worse.

Robiquity will be building ‘digital workers’, a new resource to work with their human counterparts in the contact centre to carry out the administrative and time-consuming tasks on their behalf.  This technology is proven to eliminate errors, vastly reduce call handling time and boost both the customer and employee experience. Digital workers free up the time of the agent to use the human skills they were hired for; customer service, empathy and support. A digital worker can log into multiple systems, collecting information about the customer before the call, and then process information following the call, to update the account, customer details, process payments and schedule time slots. With access to 360-degree view of a customer, digital workers will empower all contact centre agents to deliver best-in-class service to customers. 

Tom Davies, CEO of Robiquity says: “We’re delighted to be working with Virgin Media O2; a giant in their sector and committed to using technology to improve their customer’s experience. At Robiquity we form partnerships with clients who have bought into the potential of intelligent automation right across their business. This is no longer a ‘cost-out’ agenda in the back office, where RPA started some years ago. Intelligent Automation is now transforming the experience of customers and employees alike by streamlining how businesses operate. Every customer touchpoint is improved as information is instant, service is slick and timescales are reduced. Together with our partners UiPath, we look forward to working with Virgin Media O2 for the long term."


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