RPA Predictions For The Rest Of 2019

2019 signals a massive turning point for RPA.

For years, this technology was regarded with caution, uncertainty and even suspicion. Many didn’t understand it. Some boldly declared it would be little more than a fleeting failure.

But things are different now. For proof, just take one glance at the changing face of the modern workforce. Robots are being used more frequently and on a wider basis than ever before.

RPA has proven to be one of the most impactful and influential developments of the 21st Century – and 2019 is destined to be its flagship year. More businesses than ever are set to embrace RPA in some form over the next few months – with the technology itself enjoying a variety of new developments.

Here are our predictions…

The rise of intelligent RPA…

We aren’t just going to see more robots in action in 2019; they’ll be smarter, too.

Artificial Intelligence will increasingly interlink with RPA so that robots are given new capabilities and functionalities. RPA providers are also beginning to seal partnerships with AI specialists to serve up state-of-the-art digital workers so they’re accessible for all businesses.

Robiquity partners ABBYY – who produce Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to give robots “eyes” – and XpertRule – who create Intelligent Automation software that gives robots a “brain”, are just two examples of companies leading the way.

Investment into Centres of Excellence…

We’re seeing a big push towards Centres of Excellence (CoE) in 2019: automation centres that drive best practices by upskilling employees so they’re equipped to build out RPA capability.

Increased investment in CoEs will be prioritised as organisations aim to become more self-sufficient in RPA; easing the smooth integration of this technology for the best, most cost-effective solutions.

Building an organic CoE offers the kind of continuity businesses require to get the most from their RPA system, and this can be achieved in a surprisingly short space of time when using the likes of the ScaleSafe solution.

Digital workers will start to outnumber humans…

Before the end of 2019, it’s likely that several firms will have more robots than human staff. Lean, agile working is proving extremely effective – reducing time spent on (ordinarily) lengthy procedures and shifting human attention towards more creative practises.

Whilst this may seem bad news for workers at first glance, the rise of robots won’t equate to the wide-scale job losses that doom-mongers are suggesting. On the contrary, these robots are actually going to create new positions – with human support required to build, maintain and ensure these machines operate effectively.

RPA delivery made simple…

As businesses increasingly begin to implement RPA at scale, we’ll inevitably see more challenges arise. Delivering a flawless, cost-effective RPA solution is tough without the right expertise in your corner – and that’s where Robiquity can help.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your RPA journey or rolling out a second-generation digital workforce, we’ll always be one step ahead. We can simplify everything to ensure you receive a tailored, sustainable solution that works for your business.

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