Opus Energy – Case Study

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Robiquity help organisations across the globe to implement RPA at scale.

We work with clients at every stage of their RPA journey – including those who are kick-starting their solution for the first time. One case in point is business energy provider (and part of the Drax Group family) Opus Energy.

In the following case study, we outline how we have supported Opus Energy’s RPA solution from education through to a fully functioning CoE…

Opus Energy works closely with businesses to deliver reliable, sustainable energy at competitive rates. Opus Energy supplies around 340,000 business premises across the UK, and in order to take its services to the next level, company leaders wanted to find a way to effectively automate processes – thereby increasing quality at a higher speed.

Spearheaded by Head of Intelligent Automation, Ian Blackburn, Robiquity began working with Opus Energy in January 2018, providing guidance and expertise, specifically in how to set up and deploy Blue Prism’s RPA software.

The initial challenge was to demonstrate Blue Prism working and interacting with Opus Energy’s systems whilst building about a business case that could realise ROI.

Proof of Value

Thanks to Blue Prism’s established position within the marketplace and energy sector, we were able to move at an efficient pace by opting for an involved method that delivered via a proof of value approach. Together with Ian’s team, we went about identifying a suitable candidate process that could be used for the purposes of a proof of value.

Robiquity provided a senior Blue Prism expert who worked over a 30-day period to successfully document, build and test the chosen process.

The results demonstrated to Opus Energy that the technology worked successfully within its environment, as well as giving the business the confidence to move forward at scale.

Implementing ScaleSafe™ at Opus Energy

Opus Energy was well aware that it would be tough to recruit, train and retain the level of skills required for ongoing success. When looking at mechanisms to scale up the Opus Energy Centre of Excellence, Ian took the view that the Robiquity ScaleSafe™ approach would provide the organisation with both the skills and necessary protection against dynamics and challenges of the resourcing market for this trending skill set.

Within a matter of weeks via our industry recognised ScaleSafe™ model, Robiquity were able to select, train and mentor a team of resources who now make up the foundation of the CoE. The team was selected specifically for Opus Energy and have been nurtured to a skilled level, whilst fully embracing and becoming part of the Opus Energy culture.

“We created the ScaleSafe™ solution to give businesses, like Opus Energy, everything they need to scale quickly and successfully. With the help of a fully-trained team and on-site mentoring, Opus Energy were able to organically increase RPA engagement across their business and build their very own team of dedicated experts.”

Tom Gardner, Robiquity

The impact of RPA at Opus Energy

In the short space of just 12 months, Opus Energy has scaled its RPA solution, and has built and deployed a wide range of successful automations with more to follow in its plans for 2019/2020.

With the intent to improve service, improve efficiency by releasing capacity back to the business, and improve the working experience of these processes for the workforce, the team at Opus Energy have a clear vision and are delivering their plan to drive robotics at scale to support the business.

What’s more, armed with the internal capability via its CoE, Opus Energy is looking at a range of exciting ancillary technologies to add increased value and evolve its RPA solution into a truly intelligent digital workforce.

This is an incredible achievement by Ian and the team, and no doubt ranks Opus Energy as one of the most successful newcomers in 2019.

“Doing well with robotics relies on having a strong team of people behind us – our people remain our most valuable asset. We recognised that and, working with Robiquity, have built a great team to support our ambitions to improve service for our customers, efficiency for our operations and the work experience for our colleagues.”

Ian Blackburn, Head of Intelligent Automation, Opus Energy