The Importance Of Change Management When Deploying RPA

Automation is like a VIP guest at a corporate party. Business owners know this tech is important, and they’re doing everything they can to make sure it feels at home.
RPA certainly deserves special attention…but you can’t afford to get about everyone else in attendance. When inviting RPA into your organisation, you need to bring your staff with you to greet the exciting new guest.
If all your employees are engaging with RPA from the very beginning, everyone will quickly feel comfortable and content with its introduction.
Ultimately, the businesses that benefit most from automation are the ones who consider what’s best for the staff…as well as what’s good for the robots. Change management plays a massive role in the success of RPA implementation – which is why it’s worth asking yourself the following questions…

How much do your people really know about RPA?

Do your staff really know what automation looks like, and what it can actually achieve?
You can’t expect your team to get behind something if they aren’t really sure what the process is capable of, so education should come first.
Before embracing RPA, it’s worth running a workshop, Q&A, and/or introduction session to help staff understand exactly what automation entails.
By the time you begin the RPA implementation process, your employees should have hopefully begun to understand how the technology works and why they should get behind the changes.

What enticements are you offering to engage staff?

If a particular team is handling the automation, other staff in the company will feel very little need to interact with the process on any level.
That’s why you need to offer an incentive. For example, you can show staff that they will enjoy personal and professional development by engaging with RPA. After all, ambitious team members always want to learn new skills and enhance their knowledge.
Building your very own RPA Centre of Excellence allows your staff to learn alongside one another and develop as a unit – leading to higher engagement and better results in the long-term.

Are you communicating RPA company-wide?

RPA, given its technical nature, can be regarded as a specialism – especially by employees who favour traditional working methods.
Some members of staff may be reluctant to get involved in something outside of their comfort zone, but as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to encourage them to interact.
This can be achieved by communicating RPA throughout the entire company, while emphasising how people are crucial to the process. Without humans, an RPA solution cannot function effectively – and this is something a lot of unfamiliar staff do not yet understand.
Explain and demonstrate the importance of staff in RPA implementation and you will witness a much higher engagement. Consider how you can make automation accessible and emphasise why RPA is beneficial to the business.

Take the first steps towards effective change management

We’re here to offer support to business owners at any stage in their RPA journey. If you need help with change management when it comes to implementing automation, our team of experts can show you the ropes.
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