The Future Of RPA: Combined Thinking

By Robiquity

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – we all know it’s here. We all know what it can do. We all know it’s important. But the way we’re using it is about to change forever.

The future of RPA isn’t about automating absolutely everything. Rather, it’s about identifying premium automation opportunities and combining RPA with other technologies.

In this blog, we take a closer look at the RPA timeline and explain what we can all expect in the coming months, and years, from automated solutions.

Why are people talking about the death, rather than the future of RPA? 

Horses For Sources caused a stir earlier this year when they posted a piece entitled “RPA is Dead. Long Live Integrated Automation Platforms.”

Within minutes of going online, dozens rushed to defend the longevity of RPA… but those who peered past the headline realised the piece wasn’t actually declaring RPA a dead technology. Rather, it was arguing that RPA was evolvinginto something more.

In its traditional form, RPA is about automating single tasks, in stages, over a gradual amount of time. But now it’s changing into something new. It is no longer a lone innovation. It is a coalescence.

The new RPA incorporates ancillary technologies like Optical Character Recognition (essentially giving robots eyes to read) as well as incorporating data/analytics for more focused, effective automation.

The old RPA is gone. Integrated platforms are here.

The importance of a multifaceted approach

It’s also worth noting that the new phase of RPA isn’t just about amalgamating different types of tech. It also involves incorporating various elements of the business and favouring a more holistic approach.

As our consultant Fred Grover testified in his piece for Information Age earlier this year, modern automation needs to take objectives, stakeholders and outputs into account.

You can’t simply press the automation button and expect a wonderful outcome. You must determine what you want to achieve, engage all the necessary stakeholders, and find a suitable way to measure/critique the output.

Embrace a new era of RPA with Robiquity 

The new phase of RPA is one of interconnection. These past few years have seen a range of exciting new technologies come to the forefront – and the next chapter will see these merge together.

Instead of operating in isolation, the likes of artificial intelligence and data & analytics software will combine with RPA for an intelligent, more sophisticated platform with greater capability and, subsequently, opportunity.

Robiquity maintain strong relationships with many of the leading businesses in ancillary technology production, including XpertRule, ABBYY and Appian. Our partnerships mean we can continue to help clients produce advanced robots that offer a bespoke solution for their needs – whilst keeping the process of scaling simple.

Prepare for the future of RPA and a new era of combined technologies with Robiquity. Give our experts a call today on 0161 974 3244 or drop us a line using our contact form.