Why Do You Need An RPA Centre Of Excellence?

Despite all the publications and press about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in recent months, it still remains widely misunderstood as a concept.
Automation isn’t just about buying shiny, new-fangled piece of tech and clicking them into place in your organisation. RPA is more than that. It’s an elaborate process that represents a new way of working – promising incredible results for those who get the implementation right.
So, what’s the secret to integrating RPA into your business? And how you can you ensure that any initial success is sustained in the long run?
It’s all about setting up your very own RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) – an environment powered by perpetual automation education. In our latest guide, we explore some of the key considerations you need to make when assembling a CoE from the ground up.

Understanding the benefits of an RPA CoE

Creating a CoE that yields excellence and stands the test of time comes down to mind-set. If you can pinpoint the merit in a CoE and have a plan ready to realise these benefits, you’ll be in the best possible position to see top results right from the very beginning.
With a RPA CoE, you can ensure any automation solutions you integrate into your business become self-sustainable, whilst slowly embedding a forward-thinking culture into the company as whole.
A visibly cemented CoE is a real reflection of a company taking RPA seriously – actively pushing your image as a brand that embraces new ideas whilst helping innovative attitudes spread throughout the organisation.
Simply put – the more your team know about RPA, the greater competitive advantage you will have in an increasingly tech-focused marketplace. Everyone will be bringing automation on board in some capacity over the next few years. Having a CoE in place ASAP can set up the kind of RPA knowledge hub that keeps you ahead of the pack.

Allocating RPA roles

A CoE will vary in size depending on your organisation, but in every instance, you will need to create RPA roles with specified responsibilities for each. This gives everyone within your CoE a sense of purpose, whilst giving your RPA solution the very best opportunity to succeed in all areas.
First and foremost, you need an individual to encourage company-wide engagement with RPA that goes beyond the core team in charge of automation. Assigning roles in your team can help – including “RPA champions” who are tasked with whipping up enthusiasm and sharing insight about technology and process.
You’ll also, ideally, have change managers on hand to steer the ship, as well as business analysts (to ensure automation aligns with company goals) and a technical team: developers, architects, and engineers.
As your CoE expands, you should also have a service support expert in place to help resolve any issues quickly for a smooth-running RPA solution.

Treat RPA as futureproofing – not a quick fix

Welcoming robots into your workforce isn’t like waving a magic wand. It doesn’t fix everything right away and instantly turn your business around. That’s why you should never treat RPA as a temporary, quick fix. It’s here for long haul – and you need to set up your company to accommodate automation for its lengthy stay.
Avoid, as best as possible, implementing silo-style automation – where RPA solutions are almost entirely confined to one corner. Instead, spread the word. Get your team clued-up and make a big deal about how RPA is set to be a massive part of the organisation moving forwards.
Start with the small stuff and get bigger over time – ensuring there is room for suitable scalability within your RPA plan. Establish your Key Performance Indicators, hold strategy meetings, and take time to involve people at every possible opportunity.
Set an achievement plan and continue to review on a regular basis to ensure you stay on track to see results. Just like any other business process, RPA needs to be measured, reviewed and retuned as required.

Find the right support partner

Establishing a CoE – and keeping it ticking over – isn’t an easy task when you’re new to RPA. That’s where an official partner can prove so invaluable.
At Robiquity, we offer a revolutionary model known as the ScaleSafe solution which is designed to offer the very best support for any RPA CoE. We provide the talent, advice and tools for you to get things going – along with continued aftercare – and train recruits to the highest possible levels to transition into your own RPA experts.
This enables you to grow your very own CoE in an organic way – and with ScaleSafe, your team members are protected from poaching for two years. Everything is designed with continuity and sustainability in mind.
We also offer our clients exclusive access to the Robiquity platform where they can source statistics, tips and guidance when it comes to running their CoE. What’s more, our expert staff – with 40 years of experience behind them – are always happy to help when needed.

Start laying the foundations for a brilliant RPA CoE today

With a supportive partner by your side, you can build the kind of RPA CoE that reaps incredible results.
It’s simple to get started and all you need to do is call our experts on 0161 974 3244 or get in touch via email on info@robiquity.com. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and fill you in on what the CoE construction will involve.
We never overcomplicate things – keeping language and process simple so everyone always stays on the same page.
Speak to Robiquity as soon as possible and start taking the first big steps towards integrating an RPA solution that will bring your business into the digital age.