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In the following case study, we examine how our ScaleSafe™ programme has given a leading automotive manufacturer the capacity, knowledge and resources to industrialise Blue Prism's connected-RPA technology.

Having completed a comprehensive feasibility study examining the potential value of RPA across the manufacturer's business operations, an implementation programme was initiated in 2018. The business was also very clear that it wanted to build out its own onshore RPA Centre of Excellence (CoE) and leave a sustainable legacy.

The manufacturer sought a delivery partner that possessed the best knowledge and experience of implementing Blue Prism connected-RPA at scale and Robiquity was deemed the best fit.

A compelling facet of Robiquity's offerings is its ScaleSafe™ model that provides the resources, governance, management and methodologies to support global learning programmes and integrates training into rapidly expanding connected-RPA implementations. As this model commits a pre-built team for 2 years, this promised to reduce the risks associated with attracting and retaining the right RPA talent and protects against a fierce talent poaching market.

Implementing ScaleSafe™

Through ScaleSafe™, Robiquity quickly built, trained and landed a capable team of eight certified Blue Prism Developers in just six weeks. Two senior Robiquity Mentors were on site for the first ten weeks, integrating the pod and embedding ROM best practices. Continued hypercare was also provided at no extra cost - maintaining high standards and quality within the ScaleSafe™ team.


The ScaleSafe™ team have contributed significantly to the early success of connected-RPA within the manufacturer's business and are now a firm fixture within the RPA CoE. In their first full year of delivering Blue Prism, the team returned £5.2 million in benefits back to the business, projecting benefits in year 2 in excess of £20 million.

Industry giants depend on continuous improvement to stay one step ahead of the game, and Robiquity provide a true partnership approach to help achieve this. The manufacturer has quickly become a flagship Blue Prism client site, winning the most coveted accolade at Blue Prism World 2019 as well as securing a mandate from the C-Suite to deliver further enterprise benefits through the implementation of over 100 automated processes.

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We’re already enabling business operations to maintain critical continuity during the unprecedented global challenges presented by COVID-19 - and we’re ready to help your organisation too.

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