Driving savings and efficiencies resulting in increased profit and a better customer experience

In the time we have worked with Robiquity, the output from our program has increased by over 500% and we have embedded a mature framework that ensures we maintain this velocity. Without the support of Robiquity a lot of this just wouldn’t have been possible and we are extremely excited to continue to evolve our partnership, especially now we are starting to introduce more complex AI technology into the program”

Mike Battaglia Senior Director- Intelligent Automation Director.

The Task

Robiquity collaborated with Loblaw – Canada’s largest food and pharmacy retailer employing nearly 200,000 people across 2,000 locations, to help turnaround a program which, at the time, was struggling under another SI.

The plan was to automate a variety of business functions including finance, supply chain, logistics and stores – and help deliver 25 robots to help streamline critical processes.

The Solution

Taking over from another partner, our first goal was to collectively understand what had been delivered to date and perform a ‘Health check’ across all aspects of the program.
Once we understood the bottlenecks and what improvements needed to be made, we were then able to play back to the leadership at Loblaw and agree a plan which would get the program back on track.

Our initial goal was to ensure that the hopper was efficient and that relevant automation opportunities were both qualified correctly, and followed a formal governance procedure, before making their way to the Dev teams.

Furthermore, to ensure Loblaws long term success, Robiquity also advised on, and implemented, a ‘Design Authority’ (DA) which is in place to; maintain quality, drive best practice, and ensure high quality solutioning was considered in all process designs.
As part of delivery, we then provided Loblaw with a fully functioning Development capability who were quickly able to churn through processes that sat in the hopper and deliver benefits at pace.

The Result

Through a mixture of high-quality resources, plus best practice, the Robiquity team were able to deliver over 20 robots in just 4 months. Prior to this, only 3 had been delivered in 8 months.

To this day we continue to partner Loblaw, not just in scaling their RPA practice, but also in their journey to explore how we can integrate more intelligent / AI related technologies to driver further efficiencies in 2021.

  • 10m savings per month

  • 20 robots delivered in just 4 months

  • 60% of cross functional team upskilled in automation