How Robiquity helps major UK retailer during the COVID19 pandemic

With staff shortages and store closures to keep staff safe during pandemic, the retailer needed to advise all customers of order changes and how they were keeping them updated on progress.

Robiquity’s dedicated team solved these problems by intelligently automating these processes that were quick to execute – and to keep everyone safe – were activated and run remotely.

Customer Delivery Updates

In only 2 days, Robiquity designed, tested and ran a ‘customer deliveries’ automated process performed by Blue Prism’s robots to successfully reach over 25,000 customers and advise them on order status by email or text. All customers were updated in just 1 evening. 

Store Collection Cancellations

Another tactical automation was required immediately to advise customers who placed orders for store collection, where those stores have closed, not to collect and that a refund will occur.

Robiquity was able to create this automation within 2 hours as most of the logic was similar to the customer deliveries process.

Volunteer Hours Monitoring

The retailer has drafted in volunteers to help manage the extra customer contact volume and each volunteer submits a timesheet at the end of each day. The management team then manually input the figures from these files into a Master Tracker – which is time consuming and error-prone.

Through automation, Robiquity has improved the quality of the timesheet file and introduced a twice-daily prompt to remind volunteers to submit their timesheet. The automation takes less than hour per day to execute and took only days to scope and build.

Key results

The automations delivers a number of ‘wins’ that include mass strain relieved from contact centre, less cancelations, increased customer satisfaction and pressure also relieved from  supply chain and stock management systems.  

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How we can help you during the COVID19 pandemic

We’ve always believed in the power of intelligent automation technology, with its unique ability to help organisations do much more, faster and more accurately – with much less than before.

Therefore, during this challenging time, we’re working tirelessly round the clock to help organisations deal with accelerated demand by providing intelligent automation capabilities – as fast as possible.

We’re already enabling business operations to maintain critical continuity during the unprecedented global challenges presented by COVID-19 - and we’re ready to help your organisation too.

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