Delivering in a world where speed is everything

The Task

Swinton Insurance are one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers, a growing industry which is constantly transforming as a result of many things such as regulation, the emergence of aggregators, disruptive new “tech-fuelled” entrants all of which ultimately results in pressure on margins.

Swinton’s heritage means they have a well-established, trusted customer base and brand, however a bi-product of heritage is often legacy.
Legacy technology and infrastructure often limits agility and in a world where “speed” and “on-demand-transactions” are a must, Swinton turned Intelligent Automation via Robiquity to combat this.


Robiquity conducted an Automation Roadmap Assessment across the Swinton estate and identified a number of compelling use cases for Automation. Robiquity then helped Swinton make an informed decision on which Automation tool was best suited to their requirements by completing a technology review and recommendation.

Once the IA business case had been agreed Robiquity tackled the highly complex, highly valuable automations whilst also upskilling some of the Swinton team members to help Swinton build and retain some critical knowledge and skills.
Once the initial processes had been delivered, Robiquity helped Swinton apply some rigour to their internal governance model, ensuring that Swinton we’re set up correctly to scale this technology and drive significant benefit.

The Result

Swinton’s Automation programme was a huge success, in their first 12 months they delivered over 25 Automations which resulted in over year on year benefits in excess of £2M. The technology has now been adopted by Operations as a true Digital Workforce, and the IT community also leverage RPA as a Digital Glue to help integrate legacy systems.

  • 25 Automations delivered in 12 months

  • >50 FTE benefit delivered through Intelligent Automation

  • Automation embedded into the business as a core capability, enabling digital transformation