Robiquity applied a robust methodology that helped us to uncover significant automation opportunities- at a pace!

“The team integrated seamlessly with ours and their collaborative approach created a trusted partnership, which proved invaluable, especially given the sensitive nature of this kind of work. Robiquity will be a key partner in helping TransUnion to fulfil its intelligent automation ambitions.”

Mike Davies : Chief Operating Officer – International

The Task

TransUnion is a global consumer credit reporting agency. TransUnion collects and aggregates information on over one billion individual consumers in over thirty countries including "200 million files profiling nearly every credit-active consumer in the United States". Its customers include over 65,000 businesses.

TransUnion recognized the potential for Automation to streamline process execution across a highly fragmented global operation, with the aim of directly improving customer experience through faster delivery of frontline services.


Robiquity engaged with TransUnion from September-December 2020 to carry out an enterprise-wide Automation Roadmap Assessment (ARA) as part of the wider Intelligent Automation initiative. This included engaging a huge number of business SMEs across Customer Services, Sales, Finance, IT and Legal functions. There was great business engagement – 109 opportunities assessed, and over 50 people engaged across almost 100 workshops.

Following the ‘Evaluation’ stage of the Automation Target Operating Model (‘ATOM’) Methodology, Robiquity analysed and qualified opportunities for automation from relatively simple tasks to end-to-end processes. Every opportunity was qualified and prioritised with a business SME from TransUnion and a recommended technology solution was identified, including core RPA and Intelligent Automation components.

The Result

Robiquity identified a pipeline of over 50 Automation opportunities, with a ‘Top 10’ list of ‘Automate Now’ candidates based on ROI and ease of development.

Collectively the top 10 would deliver over 30,000 hours back to the business, eliminating single points of failure, human error and SLA breaches and compliance risk and improving Customer Experience.

  • 30,000 hours saved annually

  • 50 Automation Opportunities

  • 0 Points of failure