How we can help you during the COVID19

To swiftly address the challenges our customers are facing, we’ve initiated the Robiquity COVID-19 fast response program to help your business benefit from intelligent automation.

We’ll help you achieve fast results by applying the best intelligent automation technologies from Blue Prism and UiPath – coupled with our innovative resourcing models and delivery methodologies. This winning combination gives you a clear advantage - so you can support the demands of your business operations - faster and more effectively than ever.

With over 30 years of combined, applied automation expertise within our ranks, you’re always in safe hands with Robiquity. We’ve gained a global reputation for helping over 50 multi-national organisations achieve intelligent automation-driven transformation.

Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate team are multi-skilled, veterans in all things RPA – which enables them to simplify complexity at each stage of your path towards intelligent automation.

We are already working with companies to provide the ‘operational agility’ capability via intelligent automation, to cater for unprecedented, accelerated change - faster than ever.

Major UK retailer

  • In only 2 days, Robiquity designed, tested and ran a ‘customer deliveries’ automated process performed by Blue Prism’s robots to successfully reach over 25,000 customers and advise them on order status by email or text. All customers were updated in just 1 evening. Results include mass strain relieved from contact centre, less cancelations and increased customer satisfaction.

UK financial services company

  • With a huge demand for property equity release, we are helping the company with automations to swiftly process loan feasibility checks on customers and give customers access to their much needed cash, faster. Intelligent automation will reduce the time to process these by operating much quicker and more accurately than human workers.

UK retailer

  • We are currently automating a major HR on-boarding process for 5000 temporary staff who are being deployed to manage shops and distribution centres – providing crucial sick leave cover for staff.

Watch this space for new innovations that help accelerate intelligent automation capabilities so organisations’ operations are best supported during this challenging period.

Customers please fill out the contact form to start enabling intelligent automation.

Not currently a Robiquity customer? That’s okay, we want to help everyone that we can during this global crisis.

Please fill out the contact form to get going. Speak to our team today and we’ll show you how to apply intelligent automation across your business - fast.

Our COVID19 RPA action plan...

Here is our 5 stage plan to apply an intelligent automation capability into your business.

Case Studies...

Read about where we are helping organisations function during the pandemic.

To find out more about how we can help you during the COVID19 pandemic simply fill out the form, call 0161 974 3244 or drop us an email.

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