Bonded Contracts for RPA ensure Scalability

At Robiquity, our provision of bonded RPA contracts has played a major role in resolving an issue that so many businesses have been experiencing in Robotic Process Automation: the inability to scale.

Scaling success is largely dependent on having the necessary skills in house – which is where many companies get stuck. Sourcing the type of talent capable of taking automation strategy to the next level is a challenge – which is why Robiquity came up with the solution of bonded contracts.
These deals prevent the big companies from poaching the best RPA developers, preventing your businesses from losing key staff after investing so much money in training and education.

    How bonding supports scaling your RPA

    With bonded contracts and the subsequent ScaleSafe model, Robiquity have resolved one of the most prevalent issues confronting businesses in their attempts to scale RPA.

    The top developers – those armed with the know-how and experience to scale Blue Prism successfully and yield excellent results – are no longer impossible to retain. Thanks to the combination of ScaleSafe and bonding, you can build a team of these sought-after individuals and, crucially, keep them on your team during the growth phase.

    We industrialise RPA here at Robiquity – giving you the resources to shape your very own experts and then tying them into a two-year deal so they are protected from poaching as you scale.

    Ultimately, it’s no coincidence that the vast majority of successful Blue Prism customers are utilising the ScaleSafe model and seeing terrific results. Companies are increasingly turning to Robiquity to harness their own organic solution to RPA integration – and one of the major plus points of our personalised service is the sense of assurance that our sophisticated model brings to the table.

    With ScaleSafe bonded contacts, your scaling is permanently supported. The team remain in place. The talent stays put. The expertise is always there.

    Choose Robiquity for bonded contracts

    With Robiquity, you receive an investment bonded to the individual. We provide top-of-the-line resources and quality training & accreditation – offering every client a valuable experience that makes a high ROI on RPA a genuine reality.

    However, signing up for a two-year bonded contract with Robiquity doesn’t just guarantee business stability and security. Entering into ScaleSafe’s bonded agreements also means you’ll have exclusive access to some of the very best technology on the market – as well as the opportunity to work with several of the biggest RPA customers in the world.

    What’s more, ScaleSafe can be comfortably and confidently built into any RPA implementation plan. We work closely with you and your existing staff to create the kind of solution that yields and protects the kind of invaluable, sought-after skills necessary for sustained improvements in automation.

    You can learn more about the specifics of our bonded contracts, our ScaleSafe model, and all the RPA services on offer here at Robiquity by getting in touch with our team on 0161 974 3244 or Our experts are exactly the type of RPA partners you need by your side to see consistent results right from the off.