ScaleSafe Mentoring for RPA Developer Success

Why mentoring is a key benefit for RPA partners

Successful RPA implementation is as much to do with what happens after a system is put in place, as well as the planning that comes beforehand.

That’s why our ScaleSafe solution is such a crucial asset to any business that might be looking to scale.

With Robiquity, you have so much more than just a set of RPA tools required to get started. Not only does our advanced ScaleSafe model provide a RPA team that is trained and certified – it also offers on-site mentoring with continued aftercare.

With ScaleSafe, you can enjoy a reassuring sense of continuity. Team members arrive on site in less than six weeks and remain committed to your project for up to two years. What’s more, every member of your team benefits from the experience and support of individual Robiquity Mentors assigned to your company. These experts provide advice that will keep your robotic process automation projects on track for the foreseeable future.

Robiquity’s mentoring is designed to ensure your RPA solution is built for scaling success over a sustained period of time. Thanks to the continued guidance offered by our RPA Mentors, companies that choose and use ScaleSafe will always have our resources and knowledge available to get help and find answers to their RPA questions.

If you’re looking for automation development at rapid pace, Robiquity are the team you need to turn to.

    How does ScaleSafe’s RPA mentoring work?

    With bonded contracts and the subsequent ScaleSafe model, Robiquity have resolved one of the most prevalent issues confronting businesses in their attempts to scale RPA.

    The top developers – those armed with the knoThere are many different elements that can be included as part of an RPA enablement package. However, what truly sets Robiquity apart from other businesses is our exceptional mentoring and aftercare support.

    Robiquity Mentors function as experienced RPA developers who are completely dedicated to your project and company for up to eight weeks. This service is provided at our cost and gives you the chance to learn some crucial lessons about implementing RPA at scale in a successful and sustainable way.

    During the initial phase, a Robiquity Mentor works with your employees and team of RPA developers to deliver an agreed set of enhancements. Together, we pick the right processes to automate, while at the same time ensuring best practice standards throughout your RPA development by preparing the team to work unsupervised.

    Businesses benefit immensely from having RPA developers working with Robiquity Mentors. Our ScaleSafe Enablement plan ensures that a company’s RPA development is measurable – always looking ahead to see what can be done to scale up operations.

    Robiquity Mentors work closely alongside your organisation to help you find an RPA solution for your company depending on your specific needs and services. While teaching your team about RPA, our Mentors also help to raise standards throughout the company – preparing everyone so they can operate independently once the ScaleSafe contract draws to a close. With our Mentors monitoring your RPA developers, you’ll have Robiquity’s extensive RPA implementation experience available to help your team learn more about best practices, benefits and scalability opportunities within your company.

    By expanding ideas for new automations, our mentoring programme permanently grows your company’s knowledge hub and helps your team gain a deeper understanding of which RPA services work best for your business. And, if you have any questions, we’re always here to help.

    We have multiple Mentors on hand at any one time – all of whom can be contacted instantly by raising a support ticket online. Ultimately, this means you can receive guidance for any issue whenever you need to with Robiquity. For more information about our support services, simply get in touch with our helpful team.w-how and experience to scale Blue Prism successfully and yield excellent results – are no longer impossible to retain. Thanks to the combination of ScaleSafe and bonding, you can build a team of these sought-after individuals and, crucially, keep them on your team during the growth phase.

    We industrialise RPA here at Robiquity – giving you the resources to shape your very own experts and then tying them into a two-year deal so they are protected from poaching as you scale.

    Ultimately, it’s no coincidence that the vast majority of successful Blue Prism customers are utilising the ScaleSafe model and seeing terrific results. Companies are increasingly turning to Robiquity to harness their own organic solution to RPA integration – and one of the major plus points of our personalised service is the sense of assurance that our sophisticated model brings to the table.

    With ScaleSafe bonded contacts, your scaling is permanently supported. The team remain in place. The talent stays put. The expertise is always there.

    Choose Robiquity for bonded contracts

    With Robiquity, you receive an iA Robiquity RPA mentor is available as part of our ScaleSafe solution.

    As well as benefiting from our automation expertise, you’ll also receive access to our on-demand RPA support platform which is managed by our team here at Robiquity HQ.

    You can learn more about the mentoring aspect of our RPA implementation plan by giving our team a call on 0161 974 3244 or today. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and explain what our mentoring RPA service entails from start to finish.