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What problems do people face with RPA implementation?

Businesses can run into a variety of problems during the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementation phase. These include getting – and keeping – stakeholders engaged, laying solid foundations for future development, and scaling RPA appropriately.

Stakeholder engagement is necessary for RPA to take off in any business, as automated business processes cannot be successfully implemented unless they are embraced by everyone in the company. A culture of organisation-wide engagement needs to be instilled in order to ensure that everyone believes in the automation processes being developed.

Solving RPA problems requires both skill and experience. Our RPA problem solving skills are supported by mentors and the ScaleSafe community of Robotic Process Automation developers working to scale your RPA faster.

Many businesses also face issues when attempting to lay the right foundations to launch RPA solutions. It is necessary to utilise expert advice and get the appropriate tech in place before you get behind automation at your business, as only then will you be able to scale successfully.

The act of scaling RPA itself can also prove problematic, with many companies unsure of when and how to go about it.

Robiquity has worked with a number of businesses in RPA enablement, and we have experienced all of the above problems. We know what’s required to help businesses and how to resolve RPA issues. That’s why we built ScaleSafe.

ScaleSafe RPA Enablement. The ScaleSafe Platform is the market leading RPA training and mentoring platform Powered by Robiquity

Why Robiquity designed ScaleSafe

ScaleSafe was created to resolve common problems that companies experience when attempting to implement RPA. Whether it’s your first time testing RPA technology or another attempt after a failed initial run, Robiquity can help regardless.

ScaleSafe is focused on achieving a strong foundation with a view to generating excellent results quickly with long-term sustainability.

Our group of RPA experts have decades worth of experience dealing with a huge range of RPA issues. That’s why we have produced our exclusive ScaleSafe solution as an effective way of giving businesses an opportunity to scale their RPA effectively at pace.

Our ScaleSafe solution offers you a ready-made RPA team (all of whom are fully trained and certified Robotic Process Automation developers) on your site in just six weeks or less. We dedicate ourselves to sharing our RPA knowledge and experience with your company at every possible opportunity – even granting access to the Robiquity Platform and RPA Forum where you’ll find answers to many of the major RPA problems.

Every single team member that’s committed to your project is protected against poaching for up to two years, too. That means when they have the necessary knowledge and skillset, they won’t immediately jump ship and seek a role in RPA consultancy.

Overcoming RPA delivery challenges with Robiquity

With decades of experience in Robotic Process Automation, the Robiquity team have the knowledge to resolve any on-site issues that might affect your business during the RPA implementation process.

ScaleSafe is an exciting incentive that’s designed to support businesses when they are scaling in a variety of ways. This includes access to Robiquity’s on-demand platform, on-site mentors who work with your staff to get things right, and continued aftercare to ensure you see results long after the first stages of RPA enablement are complete.

ScaleSafe recruits learn fast and gain the necessary skills to help build your very own RPA Centre of Excellence moving forward.

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