Asset & Posting Capitalisation

Problem Statement

Over the years, millions of pounds worth of uncapitalised assets had built up in a backlog to be processed. It would take a lot of time to determine which assets are valid and process the assets manually in the SAP system.


Process Overview

The solution required multiple processes at different stages in the business workflow. Each month the reports were downloaded from various systems on a certain date. Formulas were inserted to created a master sheet listing all assets that could be capitalised and posted that month.

A separate process carried out the necessary actions in SAP to reflect the capitalisation and posting.

Systems: SAP, Excel, Internet Explorer



The solutions looks to automate the following steps:

  • Validate E-tracker submission
  • Run VBF Files through VBF Checker
  • Run Part Number Extractor Tool
  • Validate the IVS Sheet
  • Send validated VBF files within the JLRSW E-Tracker to IVS for freezing
  • Issue Output Report