Financial Services


Compliance Checks

Problem Statement

Compliance checks are done as the final compliance monitoring activity before equity can be released.

Process Overview

CMU service both the subsidiary and parent business. The CMU checks process is responsible for performing final checks before any equity is released. This starts with an email input to the compliance SME, requesting checks against the CMU checklist, before approval.

Systems: MS Word, MS Dynamics, MS Excel, CRM, IE, Adobe Pro


Currently the checklist is paperbased, however a digital copy can be created and used for the automated process. Once the email input is received containing the case details, the VW will work through the checklist to confirm details have been completed correctly. 80%+ of the process can be completed automatically, excluding photographic images of properties which will be completed by the SME.

A similar solution developed by Robiquity accurately processes 100% of cases with <5% exceptions.