Financial Services


Loan Sale Premium

Problem Statement

The business spend high amounts of time on repetitive, administrative and non-value adding tasks.


Process Overview

The LSP is a figure that is added to the case acting as ‘commission’ for the business. The objective of the LSP process is to add the LSP to the case or check it has already been added, then process the Certificate of Title (COT) wizard in DPR.

The process has the following SLA’s:

  • Tailored-Choice, Capital-Choice and Maxi-Choice are to be done on the day of completion.
  • Flexi-Choice are to be done in advance.

Systems: MS Word, MS Dynamics, MS Excel, CRM, IE, Adobe Pro



This process is suitable for RPA with low complexity, it is rules based and could be triggered or scheduled following the case owners preparing the documentation in advance. Once the VW has calculated the LSP figure and added it to the case, it will process the COT wizard in DPR.