IT Support

Careplan Transfers

Problem Statement

The transferring of careplans is a lengthy process that consumes high amounts of available resource within what is a small team. There is a backlog of 3 days which is increasing as FTEs are off sick or on leave.


Process Overview

Where client careplans are to be transferred from one clinic to another (incl. DD mandate), the SME will firstly retrieve the master excel file from a shared folder (processes daily at 3am). They then copy and paste specific data items into a different excel workbook. Once all the data has been collated, it needs to be added to HEAT (service request) and uploaded to Serv-U web-client. At this point they wait for AnimalHealthcare (3rd party) to complete the excel workbook and respond, then complete the remaining rules-based steps across RX Works and HEAT (navigate using a ticket ID).

Systems: MS Excel, MS Outlook, HEAT (web), RX Works (RDP), Serv-U Portal (web)

Proposed Solution

The VW will collect the Excel file from the share folder, which is run daily at 3am, and use this to push data through the process steps. Due to its nature, once completed the process will require SME approval (which is in-line with current procedures). The process is mostly rules-based with high complexity due to required RDP, however we have proposed to bypass RDP and working with the client to achieve this.