Document Suite Creation

Problem Statement

The business have a high number of legal documents, created when a new joint venture partnership is launched or sold. Due to high volumes, the small team struggles to keep up with demand.


Process Overview

When a joint venture is launched or sold it requires the creation of between 30-40 legal documents. These are all created from information gathered through a standard excel input, populated by the requesting party.

An SME within the legal department copies and pastes data from the excel, inputs to a corresponding field in the document, creating the required legal documents to fulfil the deal.


Systems: Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader Pro



The virtual worker collects data from the inbound excel file, inputting information within the corresponding field in the necessary document to produce the required documentation for the joint venture.

The unquantifiable benefits of automating this process include reduced risk, increased morale and decreased stress (it was indicated the legal team suffer from stress due to work volumes).