Customer Service

Returns Process

Problem Statement

Any refunds required by customers needed be processed by team members whilst juggling their daily activities. Each refund took a total of four minutes of additional work, with the team member required to ensure accuracy during the transaction to ensure the right amount was refunded.


Process Overview

The Customer Service would receive two reports, advising that orders had been Cancelled and / or Returned, it was then the agent’s job to run through these reports and process refunds that had not been refunded, they would occasionally also receive calls from customers waiting for refunds which needed to be prioritised.   This was an attractive process for automation, being awkward, labour intensive and with a requirement for accuracy and speed too.

Systems: MS Excel, MS Outlook, Serv-U Portal (web)


Developed Solution

A robot would access both of the reports, run through the customer service system, and provide a filtered report of items that have already been refunded (via calls or other means) and items that still needed refunding – this would slim down the list of items the agent had to check, meaning time spent researching items that had already been refunded, was no longer required.

The results were remarkable.  A Blue Prism digital worker now manages the entire end-to-end process and has reduced the 4 minutes it took a human to complete each return – to only 5 seconds. With an average 60 cases previously being performed each day, has enabled 1250 annual hours to be returned to the business, so staff spend more time serving customers. This has also boosted the company’s ‘rant and rave’ rating to a new high. Buoyed by this success, the RPA team then moved to conducting further legal and finance process automations, which were put into production.