Customer Service

Adding / Removing Blocks & Services

Problem Statement

Calls were coming into customer service at all times of the day including out of hours due to customers losing their mobile phones and requesting for the lost device to be immediately blocked. Sometimes hours or even minutes later, a call could come back in to unblock the mobile if it had been found.


Process Overview

The advisor manning the out of hours blocking line receives a call from a customer that has lost their mobile phone. The advisor asks data protection questions to be sure the caller is the owner of the mobile phone. If the customer passes the checks, a block is placed on the network which takes effect immediately.

If a call is received from a customer asking to have the mobile unblocked the same happens, after the security checks are passed the phone is unblocked.

Systems: ABS, DISE, CUK



All requested Bars/Unbars now captured on a structured online form which is then sent to the robots to pick up and action. Customers made aware of when changes are complete via email or text message when available.