Customer Services

Handset Orders

Problem Statement

Volumes of iPhone orders during product launches (for approx. 6 weeks) increased from approx. 200 to 1,250 per day. 3 manual FTE in back office had to be increased to 18 in order to fulfill the orders on time. An unfortunate consequence meant that other workstreams were impacted. There was an inability to report on the types of handsets being ordered and the frequency, MI was lacking.


Process Overview

The processing of Handset Orders for Customers via Customer Services.

Systems: MS Excel, DISE, ABS, CUK, Kana, Anovo, SMP, Gateway, Hansen, Synergy



All orders to be captured in a structured format within Salesforce. An automated report sent to the Robots to work the orders. Efficiencies to be introduced to ensure iPhone orders are not hindering the ordering process for non-iPhone orders. Sufficient Robots made available to handle the influx of volumes.