Back Office

Handset Unlatching

Problem Statement

Fraudulent activity of handset unlatching not monitored or realised. The inability to report on the types of handsets being unlatched and the frequency. MI is lacking.

Additional resource needed during iPhone launches caused by the unlatching of current handsets to pass on or sell after upgrading. Back Office resources were reorganised to handle the influx of work, an unfortunate consequence of SLA’s suffering periodically.

Process Overview

Enables Customers to use their handsets on alternative networks. Charges for this service where applicable. Identifies potentially fraudulent requests, blocks and alerts the Fraud & Security team.

Systems: MS Excel, DISE, ABS, MNP Website, CUK, Kana



All Handset Unlatching requests to be automated. All forms are standardised, start with 5 handset types and ramp up to full handset catalogue.