Customer Service

Migrations to Pay & Go

Problem Statement

Customers are calling in to cancel their mobile phone and the Customer Retention team often manage to keep the customer by offering them a Pay & Go deal keeping the same number. Customers also phone in at the end of their contract and request to have their number migrated to Pay & Go.


Process Overview

The advisor taking the call in Customer Retentions or Customer Service would manually disconnect the mobile number on the billing system and then on the network. A reconnection would then take place on the Pay & Go Network and on the Pay & Go billing system. Once this has all gone through the advisor calls the customer to let them know the number has been successfully migrated to Pay & Go.

Systems: Outlook, ABS, DISE, CUK, SMP, Kana, PCMT, Geneva



The customer can now request the migration to Pay & Go via a structured online form which is then sent to the robots to pick up and action. The advisor in Customer Relations now has access to the form and can fill this out for the customer in order to make sure he stays with the Network. Customers are made aware of when changes are complete via a text message.