Customer Service

Mobile Number Ports PAC Requests

Problem Statement

Customer wants to cancel their mobile with the network, move it to another but keep the same number, they need to request a PAC code. The customer cannot move to the new network without this code, so they need to obtain it as soon as possible.


Process Overview

The advisor taking the call in Customer Retentions would set the mobile for disconnection in 30-days, then set the mobile number for disconnection on the O2 Network. Finally the advisor would give the customer his PAC code taken from the MNP website.

Systems: Outlook, ABS, DISE, CUK, Kana, SMP, MNP Site



The customer can now text the words PAC Request to a mobile short code. The robot receives the text and goes through the necessary checks including making sure the customer is out of contract and hasn’t upgraded recently. Within 10 minutes the customer receives a text back with the PAC code. The customer may then take the PAC to his new network who can arrange the switch over and cancellation on the Network on behalf of the customer.