Partner Customer Service

Self-Service Requests

Problem Statement

~90% of all inbound calls requesting basic account transactions with only ~10% relating to calls considered ‘complex’ (such as billing disputes or general enquiries).


Process Overview

Handles a multitude of customer account transactions such as: Sim Swaps, Tariff / Package Changes, Ports (Switching Networks to a competitor and visa-versa), Handset Barring / Unbarring, Adding / Removing Service Bolt-On’s (Additional Mins / Data) and Adding / Removing User Names.

Systems: MS Excel, DISE, ABS, MNP Website, CUK, Kana, Anovo, SMP, Geneva, Gateway, Hansen, PCMT, Salesforce, Shield, Synergy



Provide all Partners with a ‘Self Serve’ form for requesting the automated account transactions. Pilot with 5 stores and ramp-up to full UK coverage. Outsource the remaining calls to existing operations ‘Offshore’.