Customer Service

Tariff Transfer

Problem Statement

Should a customer wish to change their tariff to a higher or lower tariff as their usage has changed,  they must contact customer service in order to action this change.


Process Overview

A customer calls into customer service, the advisor goes over security details with the customer. Once the customer passes the checks they are asked what tariff they would like to change to. If the tariff is a more expensive one, the advisor goes ahead with the change. If the advisor notices that the tariff change would be a lower price than the current tariff, checks need to be made to ensure the customer is out of their contract. If the customer is within the contract the tariff change must be rejected.

Systems: Outlook, DISE, CUK, Kana



The customer can now request a tariff change via an online form, the form asks the customer to make sure they are not going onto a lower tariff if still within contract. The robot picks up the request and goes through the necessary security checks. If the checks pass, the robot then compares the new tariff to the one the customer is currently on. If the monthly cost is lower and the customer is still within contract then the request is rejected. If the request is ok to go ahead the robot actions the change and informs the customer via a text message.