Waste Management

Sub-contracted Services

Manual Docket Entry

Problem Statement

On a monthly basis the business receives reports via email from various customers detailing how many bins were collected, against planned volumes, by suppliers.


Process Overview

Reports are received on a monthly basis from customers detailing how many bins were collected, against the planned volumes, by suppliers. The business then use this template to update the central mainframe which will alter subsequent financial payments. The process starts with an excel spreadsheet being received via email to an inbox from the customer.
The business will then use the information contained to search for the relevant contract and update the data for how many bins were serviced and therefore what payment is due.
This process is done manually by the SMEs and is completed approximately 4000 times monthly, across 10 different inputs, taking 5 minutes per entry.

Systems: Mainframe, MS Outlook, MS Excel



The proposed solution involved the creation of a standardised input, managed by the business. This would decrease automation complexity and better control the input data. The virtual worker will then monitor the supply chain inbox and collect incoming requests from suppliers, extract the data to a queue and update the records in the central mainframe. This process has medium-high complexity due to various system requirements, its reliance on a mainframe application and the process change required.