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Make better business decisions with Actionable Intelligence

The future of Automation is Actionable intelligence.

In the fully Automated Enterprise, processes are triggered by insight from data, in real-time, rather than relying on human triggers or unattended schedules. Those that successfully connect AI driven decision making with Automation for practical and repeatable business solutions will leap ahead of the competition. 

Who are Robiquity?

The largest pure-play Automation services business in the UK, a gold standard UiPath partner, with a track record of rapid, profitable growth and ambitions to triple our size in the next 2 years by dominating the UK mid-market.

What’s the Vision?

Every business makes critical decisions on a daily basis – on pricing, inventory, customers. Increasingly those decisions are AI driven. Our vision is to build a repeatable suite of Automations for the 10 most critical operational decisions faced by every industry, delivering automated actions off the back of intelligent decision making. 

We call this Actionable Intelligence


While your competitors are struggling to find opportunities or automating mundane tasks, your business gets ahead by using AI to predict, optimize and recommend great business opportunities which are picked up by pre-built automations and delivered in real-time, meaning you realise the vale, fast.

  • Predictive Product Recommendations Icon
    Predictive Product Recommendations

    5% revenue increase, 25% increase in click to transaction

  • Predicting Customer Churn Icon
    Predicting Customer Churn

    85% accuracy in predicting churn

  • Retail Markdown Optimisation Icon
    Retail Markdown Optimisation

    $3m margin improvement in UK retailer

  • Inventory Optimisation Icon
    Inventory Optimisation

    4000 daily decisions and £300k order value

  • Forecast Optimisation Icon
    Forecast Optimisation

    Significant revenue growth / lower stock redundancy