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You always win with Robiquity Automation Services

Automation delivery is complete.  Processes have been revitalised and showing the return on investment that we advised could be made through intelligent automation.  Job done?

Without efficiently aligning resources to the ongoing maintenance of your automation estate, you won’t see the level of return that you expected.  Benefit erosion can scale to 50%; can you really afford to double the time it takes to realise ROI?  Is the automation project still going to be seen as a success if process maintenance slowly devalues all the gains made during delivery?

Robiquity Automation Services provides a tiered service capability aligned to the functional and technical requirements of your automation solution.  Our team is setup to focus on the key events that happen throughout the automation lifecycle, so whether you need help repairing automations affected by changes in business logic, optimising schedules and licences or delivering impact assessments and change, we have the team to support you.

We’re all about proactive management and continuous service improvement.  These aren’t just words.  This is the code we live by and our management service will work with you; we win together as a team.

Implementation from another partner?  No problem.  Our HealthCheck service can be employed to onboard RPA implementations delivered outside Robiquity.


Delivery Methodology

Thanks to our unrivalled technical expertise and a proven operating model, the team at Robiquity understand how to tailor RPA (Robotic Process Automation) service to your business and its needs. Following on from the successful implementation of automation using our model, each automation opportunity can move seamlessly from project to service with a simple management framework delivered by the most knowledgeable UK RPA service team leveraging our own custom monitoring and reporting suite.

Contact us now for a more detailed view of the Robiquity Automation Service capability.

Automation Services

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    SLA Driven

    ITIL aligned SLA backed service for maximum availability

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    Commercial Freedom

    Flexible and scalable commercial models

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    Holistic Service

    An RPA support service capability created by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals

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    Continuous Improvement

    Optimised support to maintain and improve on ROI