Intelligent Automation

We design and build your Digital Workforce with a rapid, agile, and transparent approach to intelligent automation delivery.

After recognising the potential benefits intelligent automation can offer our clients’ business, we move onto the build phase. Delivering intelligent automation in the smoothest way possible. From the initial collaboration to creating the Process Design Document, to our vendor agnostic approach to solution design and the build, test, and deployment of the solution to production. Every stage of the delivery process includes continuous validation with you to ensure that the solution meets your specific needs. Robiquity will work closely with you and your teams to ensure an efficient implementation is completed.

The build phase is about speed to value. We offer a flexible approach to development which allows you to ramp up resources on demand, put simply, so that you can see the benefits faster. When a software robot goes live, sometimes in as little at 4-5 weeks, the benefits are obvious from the moment it’s in production, leaving you eager to go after the next Automation in the hopper.

Delivery Methodology

Thanks to our unrivalled technical expertise and a proven operating model, the team at Robiquity understand how to tailor RPA delivery to your business and its needs. Following our model for delivery automation successfully. Each automation opportunity goes through a series of phases in the ‘Delivery Lifecycle’ from ‘Define’ through to ‘Hypercare’.

  • Process Management Icon
    Process Management

    Process Discovery, Prioritisation, Planned Implementation

  • Define and Design Icon
    Define and Design

    Understand and analyse your process. Blueprint how the Robot will execute your process to keystroke level

  • Build and Test Icon
    Build and Test

    Train/Retrain your Robot. Validate the Robot outputs

  • Release and Hydercare Icon
    Release and Hydercare

    Introduce the Robot into the business. Efficiently Orchestrate & support your Robot workforce