If you’re thinking Intelligent Automation think Robiquity Cloud.

It’s a great place to be.

Imagine reaping all the benefits of Intelligent Automation without constant investment in infrastructure, upgrades, huge license commitments, and without the constant worry that your robotic workforce is fully utilised.

In fact… imagine a world without any of the hassle and headaches but all the benefits of increased productivity and efficiency AND the ability to optimise the capabilities of your human co workers

Welcome to Robiquity Cloud.

Our unique cloud based offering delivers all the intelligent automation capabilities a business could require, from RPA to OCR,NLP, ML and AI.

Our unrivalled Cloud solution  is central to any IA initiatives from simple robotic worker deployment to intelligent solutions for end to end business processes. We offer flexibility and 24/7 support, you can simply access your digital workers on demand in line with your ever changing business needs.

With our multi deployment options and access to technologies we will extend and nurture your automation capabilities in a secure and safe environment you can trust.  And because we are technology agnostic we share our cloud with all the leading technology suppliers without compromise to ensure you get the solution that suits YOU.

If you’re thinking Intelligent Automation think Robiquity Cloud…it’s a great place to be.

Full service

This service allows you to enjoy all the savings and benefits of IA without the complexities and challenges…put simply we do it all for you which includes –

  • Flexibility Icon

    Flexible resource model to meet your exact needs at any one time – sometimes focused heavily on analysis, at other times purely on agile, rapid development

  • Continious Delivery Icon
    Continious Delivery

    Agile Delivery methodology so that you see continuous delivery of benefits with regular deployments of new automations to production, week after week

  • Seamless Transfer Icon
    Seamless Transfer

    We teach you how to deliver automation at pace and scale, and to rigorous quality Seamless transfer of live automations to managed services for support, monitoring and optimisation , using our ATOM methodology

  • Transparent Reporting Icon
    Transparent Reporting

    Transparent reporting of automation performance metrics, benefits delivered and service management

  • License Management Icon
    License Management

    Software license management – leveraging our vendor partnerships to secure the best deal