Process Assessment

What you will get Icon
What you will get
  • Documentation for each process ready for solution design

  • Benefits accurately aligned to business drivers

  • Development pipeline defined within a ‘process hopper’

What we will do Icon
What we will do
  • Produce low-level benefits report

  • Capture all the functional requirements required to design an RPA process

  • Sit with SMEs to document processes to key-stroke level and produce the PDD

What we will need Icon
What we will need
  • The long-term vision for RPA agreed at a senior level

  • IT support to build out architecture in readiness for a digital workforce

  • A clearly defined message communicated within the business

How we can help you during the COVID19 pandemic

We’ve always believed in the power of intelligent automation technology, with its unique ability to help organisations do much more, faster and more accurately – with much less than before.

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We’re already enabling business operations to maintain critical continuity during the unprecedented global challenges presented by COVID-19 - and we’re ready to help your organisation too.

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