November 2019

RPA In 2020: Where’s It Going And How Did We Get Here?

What can we expect to see from RPA over the next 12 months? We take a closer look in this blog…

August 2019

The Biggest Blunder In RPA Right Now? Bad Process Design

In my role as Chief Technology Officer, one of my duties is to lead RPA health checks. These audits get to the bottom of why an RPA project might have stalled – identifying the issue and offering a solution [...]

Automating Money: RPA In Finance

In finance, each decimal point makes a difference. Accuracy is everything. That’s why the adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is increasing rapidly across the financial sector. Banks, insurance companies and loan providers are all taking advantage of automation technology [...]

Is There A Place For People In RPA?

The biggest fear among workers today? Being replaced by robots. As technology tightens its grip on every industry, there’s a growing concern that machines are taking precedence over human beings. Panic has risen among the masses, with increasing evidence suggesting that robots are in [...]

The Future Of RPA: Combined Thinking

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – we all know it’s here. We all know what it can do. We all know it’s important. But the way we’re using it is about to change forever. The future of RPA isn’t about automating absolutely everything. Rather, it’s about identifying premium automation opportunities [...]

How RPA Is Changing The Energy Industry

Automation is creeping into almost every industry. But the energy sector, in particular, is witnessing exciting results. The energy industry has historically required huge teams of people to perform time-consuming, mundane work to micromanage and cross-check data. But now, we’re beginning to see the emergence of automated solutions in such processes [...]

July 2019

Opus Energy – Case Study

Robiquity help organisations across the globe to implement RPA at scale. We work with clients at every stage of their RPA journey – including those who are kick-starting their solution for the first time. One case in point is business energy provider (and part of the Drax Group family) Opus Energy [...]

June 2019

What Are The Ethical Considerations Of RPA?

We’ve reached a point where customers are increasingly invested in where their products come from. After all, people will simply go elsewhere if they believe a company is not performing ethically – and now questions are being asked about the moral implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The Poaching Culture: What Can You Do To Keep Talented Developers?

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market is competitive. Attracting excellent employees with the skills and know-how to successfully integrate and scale RPA isn’t an easy task. So, when you do manage to recruit team members with genuine passion for automation and an ability to match, it can be deflating to see them plucked away from you by a bigger firm [...]

May 2019

What Is An RPA Health Check?

Is your RPA solution still yielding big results as you’ve expanded your business? Or have you found that things have gone a bit stale? Many businesses may find they experience a halt in progress during the RPA scale-up process. But if you’re reviewing your solution regularly, you won’t have to worry about things slowing down […]

April 2019

The Importance Of Change Management When Deploying RPA

Automation is like a VIP guest at a corporate party. Business owners know this tech is important, and they’re doing everything they can to make sure it feels at home. RPA certainly deserves special attention…but you can’t afford to get about everyone else in attendance. When inviting RPA into your organisation, you need to bring […]

Why Do You Need An RPA Centre Of Excellence?

Despite all the publications and press about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in recent months, it still remains widely misunderstood as a concept. Automation isn’t just about buying shiny, new-fangled piece of tech and clicking them into place in your organisation. RPA is more than that. It’s an elaborate process that represents a new way of […]

What Should You Look For In An RPA Partner?

You need to do your due diligence before selecting a partner to deliver Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Not only will this organisation play a massive role in how your company operates moving forwards, but they will also be an influential factor in your overall success. As digitisation in the workplace increases, finding a trusted expert […]

Stepping Inside Blue Prism World London With Robiquity

There are many advantages to being a Blue Prism partner. You have access to the very best market software and facilities. You get to work alongside one of the most trusted and experienced names in automation. And you get the opportunity to be a part of the largest RPA forum on the planet by sponsoring […]

March 2019

5 Signs You Should Switch RPA Solution

With more businesses expressing interest in robotic process automation, the total number of RPA providers is multiplying. Currently, a common RPA delivery approach is tacking automation on to services as part of a wider package, luring the MDs who want to take advantage of RPA benefits. In these instances, automation is just one arm of […]

Robiquity and XpertRule team up to build smarter digital workforces

RPA delivery experts Robiquity have sealed a crucial partnership with Intelligent Automation software providers XpertRule to bolster their service offering for clients. The two companies are a perfect match – with XR’s technology giving Robiquity’s robots valuable new capabilities linked to problem solving, machine learning and human-robot collaboration. As a result of the partnership, Robiquity […]

February 2019

How RPA Is Changing The Business Landscape

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is bringing about irrevocable changes to the way we work. One day, RPA will be as ubiquitous in the working environment as an internet connection; and we’ll wonder how we ever lived without it. Whilst there is still some way to go before RPA becomes fully integrated into everyday processes, significant […]

RPA Predictions For The Rest Of 2019

2019 signals a massive turning point for RPA. For years, this technology was regarded with caution, uncertainty and even suspicion. Many didn’t understand it. Some boldly declared it would be little more than a fleeting failure. But things are different now. For proof, just take one glance at the changing face of the modern workforce. […]

Win Tickets To Blue Prism World London With Robiquity

Blue Prism World is the automation industry’s event of the year – offering two unforgettable days of immersive learning and collaboration. Some of technology’s most influential personalities will be in attendance at the London weekend on 3rd and 4thApril.…and you can be right there alongside them thanks to Robiquity… To celebrate our partnership with Blue Prism, […]

Three Big RPA Implementation Challenges Your Organisation Must Overcome

An increasing number of businesses all over the world are trying to implement RPA. Most of them face issues almost immediately. What’s interesting is that, more often than not, the obstacles are the same for everyone. In my previous role as Blue Prism Developer at O2, the three giant hurdles we faced were: demonstrating the […]

January 2019

Webinar – The humans behind RPA: building, training & upskilling your team Live webinar with Loblaws and Blue Prism internal experts, in partnership with Robiquity The people, talent and structure behind the Digital Workforce are as important as the technology itself, but when you’re looking for capacity to scale up an RPA program – or even take your first steps – it’s hard. Where do you […]

Webinar – The humans behind RPA: building, training & upskilling your team Live webinar with Loblaws and Blue Prism internal experts, in partnership with Robiquity The people, talent and structure behind the Digital Workforce are as important as the technology itself, but when you’re looking for capacity to scale up an RPA program – or even take your first steps – it’s hard. Where do you […]