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    will Intelligent

    Automation make

    to your business?

  • What difference

    will Intelligent

    Automation make

    to your business?

  • What difference

    will Intelligent

    Automation make

    to your business?

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Intelligent Automation. Done.

Process Automation to Support Digital Transformation

Robiquity are the UK’s leading ‘pureplay’ Intelligent Automation (IA) services provider.

Our services allow our clients to achieve digital transformation by introducing automation at the core of business processes. Working with major industries such as Retail, Financial Services, Telco, Insurance and Manufacturing, Robiquity deliver robotic process automation (RPA) to help organisations improve customer service, fuel rapid growth and boost efficiency.

It is our aim to make the adoption of Intelligent Automation as simple as possible, with no hidden agendas or hassle. We can deliver quick, efficient automation solutions at scale to benefit the whole business. If you think automation, think Robiquity… done.

What is Intelligent Automation?

Combining the skills of human workforces with digital workers is at the heart of Intelligent Automation, which will allow business processes to operate faster and more efficiently than before. IA can remove the traditional barriers of non-integrated systems, people and locations and instead deliver seamless automated processes.

Intelligent Automation and robotic process automation are the future of work. These solutions can free people from the mundane and inefficient tasks that keep a business going, such as finding information, updating stock and handling enquiries. Instead, IA can perform those tasks faster, without error and at a significantly lower cost. This allows your workforce to better serve the business in other areas, with creativity and ingenuity.

Process automation is the future of any digital business, delivering a competitive edge within your sector. Intelligent Automation can provide direct profitability, as well as allowing for improved scalability and flexibility within the business to ensure rapid ROI.

If we were to segment all major enterprises and ask what is their top agenda for 2021 and beyond, the resounding response would be ‘Intelligent Automation’.

Return on investment - How fast?

  • 25

  • 50

  • 75

  • 100

  • 125

  • 150

  • 5,500

    Saved days per year

  • £2,000,000

    Benefits per year

  • 12 Months


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