How Does Robotic Process Automation Work?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is one of the fastest emerging technology practices in software, making it easier than ever before for businesses to streamline processes and operations. 

No matter the industry you work in, RPA could help to make the working day more effective. However, before deploying the right RPA solution for your business, it’s important to understand what it is and how it works.

What is RPA?

Robotic process automation is an application of technology, with the ability to configure software to capture and interpret applications. RPA is governed by inputs in order to process a transaction, manipulate data, trigger responses or communicate with other digital systems.

The technology can emulate and integrate actions of a human, in order to execute a business process and perform a vast variety of repetitive tasks. RPA is able to mimic human user actions, which can help to free up employees’ time to spend on more valuable or higher value tasks.

RPA can help with a variety of actions, usually those that are repetitive and mundane. This can include:

·      Log into applications

·      Connect to system APIs

·      Copy and paste data

·      Move files and folders

·      Open emails and attachments

·      Make calculations

·      Extract and process content from documents, PDFs and forms

How does RPA work?

Robotic process automation works by accessing information from your existing IT systems, integrating with your current applications in order to automate tasks. This can be done from the front-end, whereby automation will connect to desktop applications and read and write data, or capture events from the user interface. It can also be done from the back-end, with automation accesses systems and services under the control of a process automation server.

You have the ability to combine RPA with more advanced cognitive technologies, such as natural language processing, in order to handle more complex processes that may have previously required human interaction. This is known as intelligent automation, bringing together RPA and AI to accelerate the business’ digital transformation.

RPA from Robiquity

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Our RPA delivery services are able to assist whether you’re launching initial automations or looking to scale further.

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