Intelligent Automation

At Robiquity our team will work with you and your company to help to re-think your business processes with Automation in mind.

Through our Discovery exercises we will consider the current processes of our client’s business and how these can adopt an ‘automation-first’ mindset. It is really important to understand, we do not do quick fixes at Robiquity. We will spend time with you and your team to identify areas within your organisation where there is potential for real changes to be made that will offer you great benefits.

We help our clients to uncover huge benefits potential right across their business, from customer interactions to end-to-end value chains and business support functions. We want our clients to realise the true potential intelligent automation has to offer within their business.

Every Discovery exercise we deliver finds around £500k of in-year benefits potential, and that’s only in terms of the value of time saved. In addition, we help you discover productivity gains, customer service improvement, error reduction and improved compliance.

Automation Roadmap Assessment

Robiquity have an internally built, tried, and tested methodology we call the Automation Roadmap Assessments. It is a collaborative process discovery and analysis exercise between Robiquity and your business SMEs, delivered across 4 phases. The four phases include creating a vision, engage your business in analysis sessions, analyse the various automation candidates and finally deliver these findings with software recommendations.

  • Phase 1 PREPARE Icon
    Phase 1 PREPARE

    Prepare business stakeholders by establishing vision for IA, focus for analysis and anticipated benefits potential for automation

  • Phase 2 ENGAGE Icon
    Phase 2 ENGAGE

    Engage Business SMEs in 1-1 process analysis sessions to understand processes at detailed keystroke level and automation potential

  • Phase 3 ANALYSE Icon
    Phase 3 ANALYSE

    Analyse Automation candidates in terms of business benefit vs automation complexity, including solution, delivery plan, costs and ROI

  • Phase 4 DELIVER Icon
    Phase 4 DELIVER

    Deliver findings to sponsors, including business case, delivery plan, prioritised automation candidates, & software recommendation