ISA Automation

Robiquity have been a great partner to the Wesleyan in our Automation journey. The breadth of experience they bring coupled with a can-do attitude means we have automated legacy processes quickly and safely. I would strongly recommend them to any company looking to do a similar exercise.

The Task

Wesleyan had made a commitment to embedding Intelligent Automation across their business and had established their own CoE, automating a number of small processes across Finance and Operations. Robiquity were engaged to help accelerate the delivery of business critical automations, in advance of an expected increase in processing volumes relating to Tax Year End. 


ISA Top Ups were identified as one of the key processes that had significant automation potential as part of Robiquity’s Automation Roadmap Assessment (ARA). Robiquity used Wesleyan’s existing Blue Prism Cloud technology to develop a solution that would take a Top Up application from being received, all the way through to the customer receiving their policy documents at the end. An OCR requirement was avoided by working with Wesleyan to identify the core data source and having the Digital Worker go straight to the database. 

The Result

90% of all ISA Top Up’s are now being dealt with by the robot releasing over 45 hours of capacity a week back to the Operations Team. After a successful Sprint 1 delivering the ISA Automation, Wesleyan and Robiquity are now expanding the scope of ISA automation and also looking further afield for opportunities across the business. Crucial to this expansion will be considerations around Robiquity’s ATOM (Automation Target Operating Model), ensuring that Wesleyan have the foundations in place to expand automation business-wide. ​

Capacity freed up SLA’s for tax year end processing on average have been reduced from 15 days to 4 days and the WIP/backlog topped out at 500 items compared with 1300 items in the queue at the same time last year.

  • 2300 hours saved annually

  • 90% of all ISA Top ups are automated​

  • 4 days Processing reduced from 15 to 4 days​