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The Sinew Group is the number one supplier of global RPA resources.

Talent by Sinew group

Working only in the RPA market, we connect partners, end users and vendors with the very best of today’s RPA talent. We provide permanent and contract resource at all levels and with experience across all leading RPA platforms.

The strength of our brand gives us oversight of all contract and permanent talent in the market, and we have one of the most extensive candidate databases available.

From Analysts and Developers through to strategic level thinkers, our people are helping organisations across the world to establish effective RPA Centres of Excellence and achieve their automation targets.

As RPA specialists, we understand the detail of the varying roles. Ask us to source candidates, and you’ll get a shortlist of people whose skills and experience are a genuine match for your needs.

We are also the exclusive supplier of the Robquity ScaleSafe model, which gives customers a skilled team bonded to their business for two years.

Recruiting RPA talent that fits your business is Robiquity's top priority in finding the Robotic Process Automation developers for Blue Prism or UiPath digital workforce developements.

Contract resources


Our experienced team understand the contract market from both sides and know exactly what it takes to guide both clients and candidates successfully through the hiring process.


In the competitive contractor market, our knowledge of the key players gives you a head start when it comes to finding the right resource fast.

We know the best people within each RPA specialism, shortlist quickly, and close offers fast. Our client-focused commercial framework safeguards your investment, mitigating the impact should contractors increase their rates or leave part-way through the project.


We work with all the leading vendors and consultancy partners and with high-profile RPA enterprise sites worldwide. We operate at pace, work with integrity, and won’t waste your time. If we present an opportunity, it’s because it’s qualified and genuine.

RPA solutions that fit your Business. At Robiquity, we strive to understand your business needs and anticipate the obstacles to scaling Robotic Process Automation software to other areas of your company. Our RPA training is unsurpassed and we provide the largest online RPA resource platform available in the world.

Permanent resource


At Sinew, we have a proven track record of successful placements because we understand that a permanent career move isn’t a decision that people take lightly. Working closely with employees and candidates, we make sure before any offer is made that there is a good cultural and lifestyle fit for each role as well as a technical match.


Our specialist brand helps us to engage talent that a generalist agency would struggle to attract. In addition, RPA experts from our sister company Robiquity vet each candidate before we send details to the client. This means you can be confident everyone we shortlist has the technical abilities to do the job well.


If you’re looking for a new permanent RPA position, you can rely on us to operate in confidence and present only relevant roles. We’ll support you throughout the process, helping make the transition between jobs as smooth as possible.

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