Accelerating ahead of the competition with Intelligent Automation

In the first full year of delivering RPA the Robiquity team returned £5.2 million in benefits back to the business projecting benefits in year two in excess of £20 million.”

Rob Kesterton Head of Intelligent Automation

The Task

The UK’s largest Automotive supplier had identified a need to deploy Intelligent Automation (IA) across key back-office functions, in a bid to make its operations more efficient, in a highly competitive landscape.

The business was very clear that it wanted to build out its own Centre of Excellence (CoE) and create a sustainable legacy and wanted the right partner to enable this.
As part of their due diligence, the Manufacturer conducted a comprehensive study of suitable delivery partners across the market. Thanks to our pureplay approach and proven credentials, Robiquity were selected against tough competition from Big4 / mainstream SI’s.

The Solution

Phase 1 was to support the client, in both identifying and validating opportunities for automation, as well as shaping a development roadmap, aligned to the client’s budget and scope.

Once the roadmap was approved, a pod of Robiquity Developers were deployed, taking the opportunities identified by the Analysts, and delivering fully productionised robotic automations.

Our approach was to continually work with the business to feed the hopper, whilst delivering the development projects in a factory style model.
Running alongside the delivery pods, were highly skilled Operating Model Architects, who were responsible for embedding a framework and governance model, which would go on to drive standards, best practice, and ways of working, long after Robiquity’s exit.

The Result

Over the life cycle of the programme, 20+ Robiquity resources, ranging from; Developers and Analysts through to Automation Architects supported the Manufacturer, ultimately proving pivotal to their success.

In the first full year, the Intelligent Automation programme delivered over £5.2 million in cost benefits back to the business, with projected ongoing savings from year 2 onwards, exceeding £20 million.

The programme went on to gain international acclaim due to its success and pace of scale, resulting in the Manufacturer winning the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the annual vendor conference.

  • £20m annual savings

  • 100 plus digital workers

  • 30 automation CoE