The new changes applied by the Robiquity Team have significantly improved the availability of the automations and reduced business exceptions.

The managed service from Robiquity is incredible. The proactive nature of support we receive means that our business units are becoming more and more effective in the delivery of service to our customers. This enables our agents to spend more time concentrating on the key parts of their roles which keeps them happier too. We believe the service levels our customers receive will only increase as we automate more and it's great to know we have a trusted and knowledgeable advisor in Robiquity to support us on our journey.

Kayleigh Bradford, Automation Programme Manager | CIO | VirginMediaO2

The Task

Virgin Media were looking to re-take control of 19 critical, customer service processes which had previously been outsourced to a 3rd party. Due to a combination of things, including the impact of Covid-19 it was no longer viable for these business processes to sit under an outsourced contract if Virgin were to have any chance of meeting customer SLA’s.
Virgin took this period of transition as an opportunity to Automate the processes rather than re-train people to complete the tasks manually, Robiquity were selected as the vendor of choice.


We began a discovery phase of the 19 processes, intimately trying to understand the nuances of each process so we could accurately estimate and prioritise the processes to fit into the programme. Once we agreed on a triaged approach, we stood up team of 9 Automation specialists who, together with 5 Virgin Media team members became the Virgin Media Automation Centre of Excellence.
The programme was delivered rapidly over a 9 month period with all 19 processes successfully being deployed into the Robiquity Managed Service, whilst the analysis workstream created a strong pipeline of Automation opportunities to feed into the CoE.

The Result

First and foremost, 19 business critical processes were brought back under the control of Virgin Media, not only did this reduce scope and cost from the outsource contract, but more importantly, it improved the SLA’s and subsequent impact on customer service.
Additionally Intelligent Automation was proven as a valuable technology within the VM stack, the enthusiasm and excitement from this built momentum into the programme, IA is now penetrating into most functional areas across VM delivering rapid benefits to customers and business stakeholders across the enterprise.

  • £1.5m Annual cost avoidance

  • 20% Reduction in average handling time

  • 5% Increase in first time resolution