Backoffice Payroll Accounting

Problem Statement

Twice a month, the payroll team spend several days manually auditing and reconciling pay and bonus files to ensure they are correct prior to submitting for sign off and payment.  The entire process encompasses 3 other sub-processes, which are regularly susceptible to human error

Process Overview

Payroll personnel download employee attendance and sales performance against target data reports from Oracle and insert into excel. This data is reconciled in excel to determine a total to be paid value for each employee. This data is then manually uploaded to multiple systems for sign off and payment. Systems: Oracle, Outlook


The process automation has been developed so that a robot accesses the thousands of records from Oracle, consolidates them into a single source, validates the integrity and then uploads the data to multiple systems negating the need for human interaction.  The process is run more frequently, processing time has decreased significantly and error rates have reduced.

Estimated Business Benefit


saving p.a.

Staff Enrichment

Customer Satisfaction