IT Support

Careplan Transfers

Problem Statement

The transferring of care plans is a lengthy process that consumes high amounts of available resource within what is a small team. There is a backlog of 3 days which always increases as employees are off sick or on leave.

Process Overview

Where client care plans are to be transferred from one clinic to another (incl. DD mandate), the SME will firstly retrieve the master excel file from a shared folder. They then copy and paste specific data items into a different excel workbook. Once all the data has been collated, it is uploaded to multiple systems and awaits a response from another team. Upon receiving the response, the SME completes an excel workbook to complete the transfer. Systems: MS Excel, MS Outlook, HEAT (web), RX Works (RDP), Serv-U Portal (web)

Proposed Solution

The digital worker collects the excel file from the shared folder and applies rules to the data and then updates the data fields as per the designed process steps. Due to its nature, once the bot has updated all data fields and completed the process, it sends a task to an SME for approval. Upon SME approval, the bot picks the task back up and completes the transfer.

Estimated Business Benefit


hours p.a.


Realised Benefit


processing time


“We are able to spend more time focusing on projects and fixes for ongoing problems and issues on Rx, training new team members and investigating the exceptions from animal health care. This process would usually take a colleagues time up throughout the week whereas now it is an hours work a day at max” “All of the work the robot has done has been sense checked and it’s nice to not have to worry about mistakes/ missed transfers”