Financial Services


Print Offers

Problem Statement

The business spend high amounts of time on repetitive, administrative and non-value adding tasks.

Process Overview

Once the underwriters have reviewed the case and approved it for completion, the print offers process can start. The SME will create a ‘print offer’ task in task viewer (DPR), ready for the administration team to complete. The administration team can access this task and action the process. Systems: DPR Backoffice, MS Excel, Adobe Pro, MS Outlook


This process is rules-based, transactional and completed in the same manner. The VW will monitor the relevant task viewer daily in order to action the process and print the documents. It is suggested that documents are printed in a batch in order to reduce mistakes and make it easily manageable for employees once automatically printed. The SME’s are responsible for finalising the process manually and posting. A solution was recommended by Robiquity to manage high quantities of automated printing without mixing data.

Estimated Business Benefit


hours p.a.




Operational Excellence

Staff Enrichment